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What Does Orthogenic Mean?

The term "orthogenic" refers to the use of corrective interventions that promote all aspects of healthy development. The O-School's mission is to give its students a second chance to succeed and grow in school and beyond. To ensure success, the O-School emphasizes the development of key life skills, including:

  • Recognizing strengths and using them to achieve success
  • Building strong and beneficial relationships that provide support "in the moment"
  • Managing daily life experiences with flexibility and problem-solving skills to build adaptability
  • Fostering a sense of mastery and confidence each day to promote self-esteem
  • Setting and achieving short- and long-term goals
  • Analyzing situations so that feelings and perceptions are taken into consideration when problem-solving
  • Establishing an identity within small and large communities
  • Navigating the world safely and productively
students walking in hall