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Strengthening Relationships with Parents and Families

When it comes to your child, the professionals at the O-School respect your influence and your feelings. You are committed to your child’s health and welfare, and the O-School values your insight and knowledge. While your child attends the O-School, we encourage your involvement as we seek to partner with you in rebuilding a path to success. The O-School’s goal is to facilitate your child’s progress while strengthening your positive family dynamic.

My child graduates from this program as a changed and better person.

– O-School Parent

Parents and families stay connected in the following ways:

  1. Family therapy sessions occur on a biweekly basis
  2. Parents receive regular calls and reports from their child’s case manager, updating them on educational and therapeutic progress.
  3. Parents meet personally with their child’s academic and therapeutic teams, often together with their child, to collaborate on goals and plans.
  4. Parents and siblings are invited to attend all-school social events over the course of the academic year.
  5. Parent teacher conferences, open houses, and orientations are available throughout the year.

The O-School is dedicated to maintaining client confidentiality in accordance with the Illinois Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act. Please see the Accreditations and Affiliations page for more information.

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