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Working Together to Benefit Students

The O-School team values the input of school counselors, educational consultants, and other qualified professionals as they assist families in identifying the best treatment approach. The O-School’s staff works collaboratively with these professionals to understand each student’s strengths and needs through an in-depth intake process.

Professionals recommend the O-School for a variety of reasons:

  1. Clinical sophistication for students with complex challenges
  2. Multi-dimensional care (education, psychiatry, emotional/behavioral supports)
  3. Ambitious academic program paired with appropriate supports
  4. Robust co-curricular and leadership opportunities

For students who attend, the O-School meets or exceeds home school matriculation or advancement requirements. Professionals are included in team meetings and in therapeutic and educational decisions.

Members of the staff also communicate regularly, assuring both the home school and consultants are aware of the student’s progress toward education and treatment goals.

The O-School is dedicated to maintaining client confidentiality in accordance with the Illinois Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act. Please visit the Accreditations and Affiliations page for more information.