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Psychiatric Services

The O-School has a longstanding partnership with Dr. Louis Kraus, Chief of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Director of Forensic Psychiatry at Rush University Medical Center. Dr. Kraus is also the founding Director of the Autism Assessment, Research and Treatment (AARTS) Program.

While each family can choose its own psychiatrist, if such services are needed, through this formal partnership, Rush University Medical Center reserves appointments for O-School students with Dr. Kraus and his medical fellows every other Monday at the Rush University clinic. This model allows O-School families to avoid the often-long waits experienced to secure appointments with top-tier psychiatrists.

This plan is outside the scope of the O-School’s direct services and must be paid for separately to Rush University Medical Center. However, the program accepts insurance, including private and Medicaid plans.

If parents and guardians choose to take advantage of this service, they will be asked to complete releases between Rush University Medical Center and the O-School to facilitate ongoing communication and collaboration. A representative from the O-School is present at the clinic during designated hours to further foster communication and care.

Dr. Kraus and his fellows also come to the O-School on a regular and consistent basis to engage in staff training and on-site clinical consultations. This model also supports seamless communication and care for those students who are participating in the off-site clinic.