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You’ve found the path to hope

… Programs that put an end to repeated interventions

Founded over 100 years ago at the University of Chicago, the O-School is widely recognized as a national leader in therapeutic education for its unique ability to balance therapeutic support for complex cases with a rigorous education and rich co-curricular opportunities.

As a parent, you may be new to the O-School, so we’ve assembled some links to help answer some of your most important questions:

To learn if your child would be a good fit for our programs, please contact our Admissions team using the following form. Someone will be in touch with you shortly.

Learn more about enrollment 2022 - 2023

Please contact us to discuss whether the O-School may be right for your child or adolescent, or for answers to your questions about our School or programs.

Kristin Friesen, LCSW, Director of Admissions Ph: 773-420-2891 Email:



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